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first person/

First person is “I”.

Second person is “you”.

Third person is “She”, “they” and “it”.

So far, so good.

How can ChatGPT use “I” in a sentence? When we speak about ChatGPT is it “he”, “she”, “they” (or “it”)? It’s because anything that is “it” should not be able say “I”.

ChatGPT will need to use a different form of “it”, when talking about or for itself. The “I” has a lot of emotional and intellectual weight, which can confuse or deceive us.

Kevin explains that the fix to this problem is simple and easy to implement. When I say “we”, I believe we all know what I’m saying. What is meant by “I” when ChatGPT and other LLMs use the word?

We built the bot to be used on this blog. I made sure that the bot did not say “I” because it is not me. It’s not me.

Inventing new rules to govern how language functions is difficult and often fails. It’s been only a few weeks, but it seems we are getting used to not being able to distinguish between text that comes from “it” and text that comes from a person.

Or ix, which is fun to say and will help my Scrabble game… It’s fun to say ix and it will help me in my Scrabble games.

The computer saying “I” does not mean we aren’t interacting with it. The uncanny Valley is a real and dangerous danger.

Seth Godin
Author: Seth Godin

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