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A bicycle that is well designed is both efficient and inexpensive.

You can achieve your goals by using your bike in the right places, at the right pace and with the appropriate goals. It will also allow you to see what is going on around you, feel grounded, and go at your own speed.

You will not get jealous until you do.

You’ll end up with something that is neither a bike nor a car if you insist on riding your bike on freeways or adding electric drivetrains, extra seats and bright lights.

It is better to get rid of your bike and buy the car that you want.

You will not get jealous until you do.

A car isn’t a rocket. It cannot do rocket-like things. It’s not even a tractor or a bus. It is good at being a vehicle.

You’ll see stories about unicorns, venture capital and IPOs in any business publication. There are many stories of CEOs with the power to change the entire world.

Rarely did they get there by bicycle.

That’s okay.

We lose sight of the original goal when we start to focus on other things.

Seth Godin
Author: Seth Godin

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