Tools to make free business cards (2023)

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Tools to make free business cards (2023)

You could use a business card, whether you are a freelancer, small-business owner or coach.

Your business card is a great conversation starter. It’s something people will keep and use. It can increase brand awareness and help people find out more about you company.

Contrary to popular belief, custom business cards can be made by anyone. You can make your own business cards with many free templates and business card maker software.

Here are seven great tools for creating business cards. You can also find business card templates on a number of websites.

These resources can be used to create or print a striking design that will help clients and customers remember you.

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7 best free business cards Tools

1. Shopify offers a free business card maker

Professional business cards.



Shopify’s business cards maker is very easy to use. Simply enter the information you wish to highlight, upload your logo and click on the Create button. Shopify will email you a link to download your mockup business card.

Shopify allows you to customize your business cards, but they are not customizable. You can create as many business cards as you want, and it’s free.

You can design your business cards for free and then print them with cardstock paper or another printing service. Shopify makes it easy and fast to create your business cards.

2. Canva

Creative business card design ideas.



Canva is a popular tool for creating social media images. However, it can also be used to make business cards. You can create your own card by selecting from the templates provided and adding your personal details.

Canva’s drag and drop function makes it easy to create beautiful business cards. You can create multiple versions of your cards to suit different clients and even change the default fonts and colors.

There are many business card templates that you can choose from. You can use Canva’s search engine to filter by industry, style, color scheme or theme.

3. Visme

The best for creating balanced designs.



Visme is easy to use and offers many free templates. You can choose a template and add your branding. The grid feature allows you to align all elements in a balanced composition.

Visme’s drag and drop design tools are designed for non-designers. They can be used by anyone to create premium business cards that leave a lasting impression. You can also choose from a vertical or horizontal layout for your business cards with the card maker.

After you have created your design, save it as with bleed markers to send to your local printer.

4. Jukebox

Standard business cards best.



Jukebox Print, another free tool for creating business cards, allows you to either design your own business card or choose from a premade template. You can choose from a variety of templates to make a business card that is meaningful, fun, or standard.

JukeBox Print allows you to choose between vertical and horizontal layouts for your business cards. You can also choose from a variety of backgrounds, design elements and shapes to enhance your design. Keep the design consistent with your industry and branding so that your small business is easily identifiable.

After you are happy with your design, download the image file and send it to your printer. You can also get printed from Jukebox Print.

5. Adobe Express

The best for personal business cards.



Adobe Express has a wide range of design elements to help you take control of your creative process. You can modify any element, and you can experiment with the different design options until your desired result is achieved.

You can add custom imagery to the tool, including your logo and background. Adobe recommends that you only include the most efficient ways to reach you.

Your website and Instagram pages may be sufficient if you are an ecommerce company. Perhaps your email address and Behance handle are enough if you’re a visual artist. When creating business cards, think about how you can engage your audience the best.


Ideal for brands who need custom dimensions.



VistaCreate can help you create custom dimensions for business cards. It also makes it easy to resize your designs. VistaCreate’s resizing function allows you to choose the size that you require in just a few clicks.

VisaCreate is light and allows you to be very precise with your business card design. To enhance your card, you can add text, images, colors, and overlays. You can save your brand assets so you can insert them quickly into future designs.

You can print the design in JPG, PNG, PDF or Transparent formats with just one click. VistaCreate accounts save all projects so you can always go back to your design.

7. Business card maker

Quick and easy business card creation.



You can create your own business card using Business Card Maker. You can modify any details on the card by clicking the button.

It has a PowerPoint-like interface with templates on its left. To personalize your card, you can choose any design that interests you and double-click the content. Click on the picture icon to upload your logo.

You can download the design as a JPG/PNG file once it is complete.

How do I make a business card template

It is easy to create a business card template by simply turning your design into one. It’s faster and easier to modify, order more or print cards for events using the original design than to start over.

It’s easy to create a template: Save the design in your current program and export it to your computer. To edit the vector graphic in the file, extract it from the file.

Business card template

Are you under a deadline to create a design? Templates are a great option. Here are some ideas for business cards that you can use free of charge:

When using a template, it is important to maintain consistency. The appearance of your business card should be consistent with your brand. This is key to building trust and credibility with your target audience.

Tips for designing a business card

One image

A majority of business cards are simple in design and only one image is used, usually the company logo. Make sure to choose an image that conveys your brand quickly and clearly to the cardholder.

Go for a simple design

A business card’s primary purpose is to help people find you. It can be difficult for people to find the information they need if the design is too complex. Make sure the card has a clear background and a font that is easy to read. This will make it easier for your recipient to find your contact information quickly.

Provide key information

Make sure you include all important information. This usually means that you should include your contact information and name on the card. Make sure the content is easily accessible.

Your business card can be thought of as a miniature version of your business. People may also perceive your business as being low-quality if it has poor print quality. You will need to make sure your logo is high-resolution and that you have a quality printer. You should also make sure you get the best card stock for your budget.

Get free business cards

Don’t fret if you don’t have the budget to hire a professional designer for business cards. You can design your business card online using many free tools. Choose one of the options above to design and print your business cards today.

FAQ Business cards for free

Which is the best free business card maker for

Shopify’s business card maker is free and uses your logo, contact information and other details to create custom business cards. You can create a design online in just a few minutes and have your card printed immediately.

Who has the best business card templates?

Canva provides blank business card templates that entrepreneurs can customize to make their own. Vertex42 also offers free Microsoft Excel and Word business card templates.

What material is best for printing business cards?

The most popular material for business cards is paper. There are many options for paper, including thick, thin, coated, or uncoated.

Shopify allows you to start selling online right away

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