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To make the standard framework for content strategy easier to remember, think of the 5Cs – coordination, collaboration, content before containers, and channels. Then dig deeper into each concept. Here’s how. Continue reading →

No matter how big your backpack is, you can’t carry a bonfire with you when you go on a camping trip. A match is sufficient. Conversations are like that. Conversations are the tools that change our culture. Someone who cares talking with and teaching and learning from someone who was ready to engage. My new […]

You’re entitled to it, and we will do our best to help you find what you want. But it’s unlikely that what you want is what everyone wants. It’s hard to believe that there is only one appropriate standard for value, observance, speed or performance. The easiest way for us to help you is to […]

Mike Schur, co-creator of Parks and Recreation, said of his career, “This is not stuff you can read in a book,” he said. “This is stuff that you have to experience.” I think it’s also useful to flip it around. There are things you will have trouble experiencing until you read them in a book. […]

How much of what we want, really want, is due to the ideas that culture has given us, and how much is truly what we need? If memetic desire isn’t making us happy, perhaps we can find some new ideas.

Gartner released a new survey of CMOs that indicates a shift from search advertising and a lack of budget to achieve strategies in 2023. Consider what that means for the rest of this year and beyond. Continue reading →

An asteroid has never destroyed the Earth, therefore an asteroid never will. This brand has been involved in scandals before, and it has always come back stronger, so there’s nothing to worry about. There have been technology changes before, but we’ve always managed to find clients for what we do. Survivor bias is the trap […]

Conversion Optimization

It’s essential to leverage effective digital marketing strategies that capture their attention and drive them to your business. Why? Because 97% of buyers use the Internet to search for their dream properties. One powerful strategy that can significantly enhance your real estate marketing efforts is by leveraging landing pages. Landing pages provide a tailored experienceRead More >

Great ideas don’t lead to innovative content unless they align with the brand’s vision and audience understanding. Follow this advice from two experts on the subject and a brand that’s found success. Continue reading →

“I” is first person. “You” is second person. “She” “They” “It” are all third person. So far, so good. But how can ChatGPT use the word “I”? And when we talk about ChatGPT, is it “he” or “she” or “they” or “it”? Because anything that is an “it” shouldn’t be able to say “I”. We […]

Conversations, an early review… (and the free class)

“I have trained companies to treat people better, and SONG is the guidebook I wished I had when doing this work. Now, I will now give it to the enlightened and brutes alike, with a recommendation to take immediate action.  Seth Godin has been carefully documenting the end of the industrial revolution and providing new […]

B2B Marketing

How can b2b marketers improve their results? Jon Lombardo, Head of Research at The B2B Institute at LinkedIn, shares his best tips to transform your marketing.
The post 5 Things B2B Marketers Should Do to Win (Tips From an Expert) appeared first on Column Five.

With the economy in flux, the only certainty is uncertainty. As your audience reacts to the ups and downs, you must evolve your content strategy to deliver what they need now. Use this advice to help figure out how. Continue reading →

…to make it look easy. Sometimes, you don’t need to bother. Making it look hard might be a plus. The important part is how it makes the recipient feel.

What’s missing from your content? Google’s new AI-powered search results make this question even more important. And guess what? Another AI tool may help you answer it. Continue reading →

When Marvin Gaye joined Motown, he went with his strengths. He wanted to work only in the studio. He hated touring and was sure he lacked the charisma and other gifts that made some musicians great onstage. This didn’t really fit the label’s strengths, and he struggled to find his footing. In 1962, Berry Gordy […]

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