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Analyzing the last move

When the deal falls apart, or the team loses the game, or a partnership hits the rocks, it’s easy to focus our energy on what just happened. “What if they had called a different play?” This overlooks the real issue. It’s the first move, or the fifth, that led to this problem, not what happened […]

Jevons paradox is not surprising

When a resource can be used more efficiently, we end up using more of the thing, not less. So, when cars get better gas mileage, people drive more, and consumption can actually go up. When AI learns to write computer code, the demand for programmers goes up, because more efficient code is more attractive, and […]

Email Deliverability

Bounced Email: Definition, Types & How to Prevent [2024]

So, you poured hours into crafting the perfect email campaign. You selected the most engaging visuals, wrote compelling email copy, and designed irresistible calls to action, all tailored to your audience’s needs. Then, you hit send, eagerly anticipating some great open and conversion rates. However, your excitement quickly faded when you realized that your carefully […]
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Non-fatal errors

Most of our errors are in this category. Yesterday, The New York Times sent this newsletter to a million people or so: I’m sure it wasn’t the best part of the day (or the week) for whoever messed up, but I also know that it had little impact on anything that matters. Being careful is […]

Company News

57+ Words Every Content Marketer Should Know [Glossary]

Do your content marketing peers use terms that aren’t familiar to you? Do you know the difference between a content marketing strategy, content strategy, and content mission? Read on and bookmark this go-to glossary.

Responsibility and blame

It’s tempting to hand it to other people. If someone else takes the blame, if they accept the responsibility, then we get satisfaction and we’re off the hook. Alas, this doesn’t work unless the others do the taking and do the accepting. Which is unlikely. We’re giving power to someone who isn’t going to use […]


120+ Smart Abandoned Cart Subject Lines To Boost Open Rates

Abandoned carts are among the biggest pain points for eCommerce businesses. Suppose you own an online store. Someone adds a product to their cart but right before they check out, their phone rings and they get distracted. The purchase is put on hold. Possibly forever. Unless you send a great cart abandonment email. And a […]
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Want More Referral Traffic? Don’t Overlook These Generous Sites  

A new study reveals which sites send generous referral traffic (and which don’t). Google tops the list, but don’t overlook other search engines and social sites where you might face less competition. Here’s how to grab your share of referrals from non-Google sources.

“This time will be different”

Why is that? The new diet. The fundraising after a natural disaster. The relationship. The hype cycle of a new technology or the media frenzy around a hot new fad or candidate… It always feels like it will be different this time. It rarely is. If it’s going to be different, the forces involved need […]

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Think Like a Director To Build a Scalable Employee Content Network

Recent research finds that almost nine out of 10 C-suite B2B marketers believe tapping employees as influencers holds immense value. But how do you scale your content efforts to enable those creators? Think like a movie director. Here’s how.

Generosity and fear

Fear is self-focused. Day to day, our fear is about us. What will happen if we give that speech, launch that project, get stuck in traffic, are eaten by an alligator… And generosity is about others. “How can I help?” Jumping in the water to save a struggling swimmer stops us from worrying about how […]

AI Marketing

How to Write AI Marketing Guidelines in 5 Steps

Follow our easy tips to write AI marketing guidelines that will help your team use AI correctly and confidently.
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